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meaning: Climb Up
origin: Zulu


noun: an ascent, especially of a mountain or hill, by climbing.


Gibela Creative Studios, LLC was born from the idea that stories told in a cinematic and relatable way make our world feel smaller.

We share a heartbeat for powerful storytelling that leaves a mark. Why? We believe all people have proverbial mountains in their life.

Some mountains require a short trek while others require more. Regardless, all of our stories expect one thing... Climb up.


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dynamic storytelling 

We tell stories that inspire change.

Savannah Pratt, Founder

Why We're Great >

Our stories have heart. They promote people doing good, overcoming the odds and, ultimately, inspires our audience to do the same.

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We handle your video idea from its infancy. We will discuss your vision and collaborate on the best way to tell your story and promote your business.


It is production day! Through the use of a variety of equipment, we cinematically capture your story. This helps the audience feel and understand the passion behind your story.


Time to hit the drawing board. We have all your content. Now, our Emmy-winning video editor will thread your story together in a captivating way.  


Let's get to know each other. If you want to set up a consultation to see if we are the team for your project or idea, send us a message below. 

Contact US  |  Tel: 678-283-0908

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