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We are your Brand's Content Creation Partners

Who We Are...

Gibela Studios is a full service video and photography marketing agency specializing in high-quality productions for personal and business brands. We offer full-service video and photography production to deliver excellent results to our client.

you maybe wondering how to pronounce our name. It all started in a Zulu village in South Africa, where we were touched by a little girl shouting 'Gibela Gibela.' Intrigued, we discovered it meant 'climb up.' 

This beautiful word became the driving force behind our company's mission. At Gibela Studios, we're your social marketing partners, committed to elevating your brand through the magic of social media marketing through videography and photography that builds brands. 📈✨

Ready to start elevating your content on social media today? 


Meet our Creative Director

Savannah Pratt

Creative Director at Gibela Studios. For nearly a decade, Savannah has produced high-quality marketing videos and TV shows in fast-paced settings, with excellent organizational and people management skills. She excels in driving creative discussions and creating strong video narratives for compelling campaigns and informative series for networks like Oxygen, Vice, Nat GEO and CNN.

Savannah Pratt

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