Our team has over five years experience in cinematic storytelling. Whether it's sharing the story of your wedding day, captivating an audience with stellar promotional videos or producing a feature-length documentary airing on Television, Gibela Creative Studios, LLC has your story covered.


It began in South Africa. When Founder, Savannah Pratt,  was visiting a Zulu village nestled in the Valley of a Thousand Hills in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. She began approaching a group of children sitting on a porch outside their school room. This little girl pictured to the left began yelling with all her might, "Gibela...Gibeeellllaa!"


Savannah sought to learn the meaning behind this powerful word from her local guide, Kenny Takalo. This little girl was telling us, "Climb up... Climb up!" in her native isiZulu language.

Savannah couldn't help but wonder, what if we all shouted "Climb up" with that same passion.



Thus, Savannah Pratt began developing a business idea to tell stories that inspire others to climb up, to lend a hand, to chase their dreams and to fight the good fight. 

Awards & Nominations:

2017 Savannah Pratt was nominated and attended the International Scholar Laureate Delegation on International Relations & Diplomacy in South Africa 


2017 Gold Key International Scholar


2016 Southeastern Emmy Award​


2015 Southeastern Emmy Award 


2015 2nd Place at the BEA awards

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